Single Sipper: 1 Vine


for 12 months, plus shipping

Single Sipper, your personal vino journey: 1 vine, 6 bottles of wine, plus 15% off membership. Tailored for the solo wine lover, it's the essence of a connoisseur's delight.

Family Harvest: 2 Vines


for 12 months, plus shipping

Embrace togetherness with the Family Harvest: 2 vines, 12 bottles of wine, plus 25% membership discount. It's the art of winemaking designed to unite friends and family.

Founder's Club: 6 Vines


for 12 months, plus shipping

Join the Founder's Club, where legacy is crafted: 6 vines, 36 bottles, plus a 35% membership discount. It's an experience that transcends ownership, curating lasting stories.

10 Year Guarantee

Your vine comes with a guaranteed protection for a minimum of 10 years.


To participate, individuals must be 21 years of age or older. Unfortunately, due to state regulations, residents of Utah, Delaware, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky are ineligible.

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